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Travel Documentation

The departure from Frankfurt Main International Airport was scheduled for April 1, 2023. The trip had been planned for a long time, even if we only knew shortly beforehand on which day it would take place. But THAT it will/must take place was clear long beforehand, actually in general and at the latest since Dita has been alone (since the end of December 2022) and also sorely needed. What is always unclear before departure: Do we still need a mask? Do we need vaccination? A negative Covid test? Sure, you read up on the Internet beforehand, but you're only really sure when you're at the airport and doing the practice. The internet confuses more and more instead of clarifying clearly. You can find everything and nothing there.

(Foto vom 01. April 2023: Internationaler Flughafen Frankfurt Main / International Airport Frankfurt Main)

It was an overnight flight as usual, so we arrived at Sao Paulo airport around 5am on April 2nd, so far so good. It was the first time that Dita herself couldn't come to the airport and pick me up or pick us up this time. After a 5-hour train ride to Frankfurt Airport and a 12-hour flight, we waited impatiently for Dita's sister's husband to come pick us up. This time it took us 2 hours to meet at the airport and we could put our bags in the car to be allowed to sit another 4 hours to arrive at the destination and finally be with the dogs and Dita. We stopped briefly in the city to buy some groceries, to be able to eat something right away, so that the rest of the day doesn't have to be filled with kitchen work, but we can also arrive internally.

(Foto vom 03. April 2023: Ausblick von unserem Holzplateau und Schlafplatz / view from our wooden plateau and sleeping place)

Done, after a total of about 28 hours of travel we arrived at the dog farm and were able to greet everyone! But before that, we had to lug all the luggage we had brought with us and the purchases up the usual mountain to the shelter. You are immensely happy beforehand, you are excited and jittery, but after such a long journey the greeting turns out to be a bit more sober than you had previously imagined. Nevertheless, the dogs and Dita are happy that they finally have long-term visitors. As always, Ana Rita is especially happy to see me again and lies down directly on my bag in the tent, where I will sleep for the next few months. She has found her place for the next few months and demonstratively reserved it.

(Foto vom 02. April 2023: Ana Rita reserviert sich ihren Schlafplatz für die nächsten Monate / Ana Rita reserves her sleeping place for the next months)

Thomas starts putting up the tents, I try out the machete I brought with me and prepare firewood for an open grill. ZACK! My left index finger, dripping red, confirms that the machete is very sharp. Thank God I brought 4 old first aid kits that you usually have in the car from Germany and was able to treat myself immediately. The wound was fairly deep, but not threatening. It's just annoying when you have an annoying wound on THE hands right at the beginning, with which you actually want to lend a hand and help on site, and you know that such wounds keep tearing open when you grab them and just take a long time to heal. Anyway, I was happy to finally be able to be with the dogs and Dita again. There is so much to do, you can just get started there every day: fetch firewood, make a fire, liver out of the freezer and into the pot over the flames, bring up dry food to refill, see where something needs to be repaired and and and... It's never boring there, but sometimes you have to say: UNFORTUNATELY!

(Foto vom 02. April 2023: Diesel, mein alter Freund und Schatten, und ich mit dem frisch verbundenen Finger / Diesel, my old friend and shadow, and me with the fresh bandaged finger)

After the sleeping places were set up and the fire had cooked our grilled food, we started the first night. Of course, Ana Rita slept in my tent, snuggled up to me, as always. I'm sure she thinks she's dreaming every time I reappear. And she just doesn't want to wake up from this dream.

(Foto vom 04.April 2023: Ana Ritas beste Nächte sind die, in denen sie neben mir schlafen kann / Ana Rita has her best nights when she can sleep next to me)

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